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Bolsover Bulls

A Rugby Football League Club.

Courage is in the heart of every Bull, Kind Hearted, Fierce Minded and Brave Spirit


Focus on fun games that teach the skills needed to play rugby.
Everything is age appropriate so little ones do not play full contact.


We play home and away matches with teams in our league.


Become part of the Bulls family.

We are always looking for people to help out at training

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Boys running

Our teams

We have teams at various school year groups so that activities are suitable for the child.

Our youngest member do not start until they are three and oldest are under 14.

What we do at training

Our activities at all age groups are intended to be fun whilst still building on skills that will be used in the game of rugby.


Whether you’re curious about the club, a free trial, or even press, we’re here to answer any questions.